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"PacDyn Ventures Inc. located in California introduces the Diabliss brand Low GI Index Foods into the US Markets"

Everyone loves a little sugar in their diet. After all, sugar makes everything sweeter and better, right?

But we all know that too much sugar is never a good thing for anyone - It can lead to obesity, heart disease, liver problems, anxiety, sleeplessness and even type 2 diabetes Until now sugar substitutes were the popular alternative, but most of them came with a weird chemical aftertaste, while others posed significant health risks.

What if there was a proven alternative, a product that was not only safer, but one that gave your taste buds the complete satisfaction they deserve.

Diabliss is the world’s first low GI Sugar, tested to be 100% safe and developed for Wellness Conscious in Mind!

Now everyone, from athletes, to stay at home moms, and even dentists, can get all the taste benefits of a low GI sugar, without the potential side effects of sugar or their substitutes.

Disclaimer: Research based studies are continuing and no probable conclusion. Besides, the properties and benefits, are not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.